Ozone Clean Laundrette | Vermont Victoria

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We are happy to present the newly updated store, Ozone Clean Laundrette Vermont. Ozone Clean Laundrettes are known for their inviting atmosphere, safe and secure experience, and laundry Ozone Disinfection Technology.

The interior features fresh and modern colors of blue and grey. It has ample room for sitting and catching up on your Netflix shows as well as a good amount of space for folding your laundry.

It features 8 large Huebsch Industrial Washing Machines with up to a massive 27KG washing load! As well it’s equipped with 7 Huebsch Industrial Stacked Dryers (14 dryers in total)! With so many washing machines and dryers available you won’t lose time waiting for an available machine.

Looking for coin laundry equipment or want to setup your first laundromat?

With over 80 stores operating successfully in Victoria, our turnkey solution simplifies the laundromat set-up process. We can help answer your questions about setting up a coin laundry business.

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Ozone Clean Laundrette is located at 599 Canterbury Rd, Vermont, Victoria 3133