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Preston Laundry House

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Preston Laundry House is conveniently located on High street close to public transport, a range of great cafes, & shops!

The laundromat is equipped with quality Huebsch Laundromat Equipment which includes 6 Huebsch industrial washers and 4 Huebsch stacked dryers. This is in addition to his existing store Preston Coin Laundry next door that offers 8 industrial washers and 6 industrial stacked dryers making this one of the largest laundromats in Melbourne.

Learn more about Preston Laundry House industrial laundromat equipment.

Wondering if a laundromat business is good for your location? Learn more about starting a successful laundromat business and review our “How to Set Up A Coin Laundromat Guide” or give us a call on 1800 888 778!

Preston Laundry House, Coin Laundry is located at 156B High St Preston VIC 3072